Awareness of Risk is critical early on in your career to help you understand the rationale for the systems and procedures you have to follow in your firm.  

Our two webinars provide you with an overview of Professional Indemnity Insurance, and an introduction to the topic of Risk Management.

We also recommend that you check back here at intervals, and keep an eye on the legal press, for more information about emerging risk issues, and risk management guidance.  For example, we will shortly be launching our guidance on Password security - part of a series of short CPD modules on infromation Security.  

Claims and complaints cost every law firm £thousands a year - either directly or indirectly (through the impact of other firm's claims experience on the wider profession's Professional Indemnity (PII) premiums.  

Avoiding the errors that cause the majority of high value claims is mostly about getting into good habits early - and following effective systems and procedures. 


TCPD modules now available

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Professional Indemnity Insurance & the Master Policy - an Introduction


Risk Management - an Introduction