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Solicitors are working in a challenging business environment, and face increasingly complex and onerous regulatory and compliance demands. While your practice will have comprehensive protection against claims made by clients, are you protected against claims arising from the management of the business?

Lockton broker management liability products are specifically designed for the legal profession - whether you are a two-partner practice, a multinational practice, an incorporated practice or an ABS.

Management Liability Insurance protects the practice and its officers/managers from exposure to liabilities arising from:

  • Health and Safety breaches
  • Regulatory proceedings and investigations
  • Employment practices
  • Civil/Criminal actions [eg. under Legal Services Act 2007, Companies Acts; Financial Services and Markets Act 2000; Insolvency Act 1986]

The majority of Management Liability policies are not suitable for traditional partnership models or LLPs.  We will ensure that you are advised of the policies and covers  that best fit your particular needs.

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