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Law firms, by their very nature, store large amounts of their clients' most confidential data, and are often trusted with significant amounts of client money.

Preserving that client confidentiality and sustaining that trust is at the heart of your relationship with your clients - and fundamental to your firm's reputation and ongoing success.

In today's networked digital world, it is not just data theft that is the ever present concern  - whether it be ransomware, phishing, targeted hacks, malware, or IP theft, the cyber threats to firms continue to grow in number and complexity.

Many breaches occur by exploiting vulnerabilities, through human error or the actions of an insider and that in some cases, can go undetected for months.

Whatever the cause, the failure to deal effectively with the cyber threat could lead to significant financial damage as well as long term reputational harm – regardless of the size of the firm.

With extensive knowledge gained from clients across a wide range of industries and multiple jurisdictions we can provide you with specialist cyber cover based on our own proprietary insurance wordings, while using our strength in the market to negotiate advantageous policy terms.

As the only broker with access to a full range of cyber, crime and fidelity policies, tailored specifically to tie in with the Master Policy, we can provide you with impartial advice on your risk exposures, and the best policy for your needs. 

You can select from the following covers, amongst others:

  • Breach Event Liability
  • Regulatory Liability
  • Payment Card Industry Liability
  • Multimedia Liability
  • Breach Event Costs
  • Cyber Extortion Reimbursement
  • Digital Asset Loss Reimbursement
  • Business Interruption Loss Reimbursement
  • Cyber Crime Reimbursement
  • Reputational Harm Reimbursement
  • Bricking cover

Contact us to discuss the extent to which you are already covered for these risks by your existing insurances, and what additional protection can be provided by Cyber Liability Insurance.


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