Client transaction frauds are on the rise – we have seen a number of matters reported to the Master Policy insurers in the last few years. These matters often involve huge sums being paid away to fraudsters. Both law firms and clients have made such payments.

The Module

This risk management module is designed to help solicitors Identify some of the most common types of payment fraud and determine the risk factors involved. It looks at the practical steps to take to prevent payment fraud and sets out how solicitors can review and improve their existing procedures and find further support and materials if necessary.

How to Get Started

The course is available free of charge and takes about 30 minutes to complete and is CPD verified.

Please ensure you click on “EXIT THE COURSE” on the final page of the module. Please then email masterpolicyteam@uk.lockton.com to confirm that you have completed the training and so that it can be recorded for CPD purposes.​​​​​​​