Every month, Lockton provides an article to the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland. These monthly articles cover a wide variety of matters and will often deal with risk management issues facing the profession. For example, recent articles have looked at the risks associated with remote working. Other articles have dealt with significant changes in legislation that solicitors need to know about in terms of risk management procedures and processes. Some of the articles have provided background information on Lockton or Master Policy Renewal.

Some of the information in the older articles will, of course, be out of date now and please just contact us if you have a question on the most up-to-date position on a particular issue.

We have compiled the full list of Law Society Journal articles from Lockton, with web links to each of the articles to help you with accessing risk management information.

This list will be regularly updated as new articles as published but if you have any questions about any of the articles or the list in general, please contact the Master Policy Team at Lockton.