We are pleased to launch the Client Communications Questionnaire, a downloadable tool which can be used by law firms to help set out and agree a clear and concise communication plan at the outset of a transaction or matter.

This is a development of the winning entry of the 2020 Innovation Cup.

RSA, the lead insurer on the Master Policy, have reported that a number of claims relate to a failure to follow, take or clarify client instructions and that poor communication is one of the main causes of claims against the Master Policy.

As such, more effective communication could reduce the incidence of negligence claims against solicitors in all areas of practice. Moreover, having a plan for contact at the outset of a transaction could strengthen the relationship between solicitors and their clients. Good communication is likely to mean good service and reduce the risk of misunderstandings and complaints.

This tool is designed to help solicitors and clients agree clear expectations and preferences for communications at the beginning of the working relationship. It allows a prospective client to express how he or she would like to be contacted and also helps the solicitor manage the client's expectations around how and when they will receive communications.

The tool can be downloaded for use in your office. Alternatively, you might want to use it as a template or create your own client communication questionnaires, tailored to your own firm and practice area.

Background – The Innovation Cup

In April 2018, the Innovation Cup was launched to seek new risk management solutions for law firms and the legal profession.

The winner of the 2020 competition was Emily Campbell, a trainee solicitor at BTO Solicitors.