Being a lawyer is a complicated business and even straightforward cases can have a number of detailed steps or processes involved to take them to their conclusion.

Many firms will utilise checklists to help them ensure that all aspects of a matter have been considered and completed. Checklists is a topic which is often raised with us when we are engaging with the profession and we are often asked to provide checklists as risk management tools. We have therefore looked to develop a series of checklists for some common areas of practice which firms may find useful.

These checklists come, not only with a YES/NO tick box, but also with some help text regarding points which may require further consideration. The help text will examine the issue, explain any potential complexities and consider potential next steps.

These checklists are not intended to document every single step in the process but are designed to highlight the 'red flag' areas which, in our experience, can lead to issues with clients or Master Policy claims.

Our first checklist covers drafting a will and is broken down into areas of consideration for each stage of the transaction:

  • Initial Instructions
  • Taking Instructions
  • Drafting the Will
  • Execution of the Will

Please download the checklist via the links to the right. You may wish to use it in your practice or you may wish to take some of the questions and add them to the checklists currently in use in your office.

As always, we welcome your feedback on our risk management items and if you would like to provide us with any comments or have any queries please contact us using the details below.

You can contact us on 0131 345 5599 or by email on masterpolicyteam@uk.lockton.com