We have prepared a Property Purchase Questionnaire which conveyancers can use to gather information from their clients at the outset of a transaction.

It is designed to assist conveyancing practitioners in capturing the main details of a client's purchase and to provide a prompt to clients to notify their solicitor of any non-standard aspects.  It is modelled on a format already used by some practitioners but includes more detailed risk management questions intended to flush out potential issues early on in the transaction.  Our experience of conveyancing claims is that they can often arise from a failure to ask about something in the first place, rather than from incorrect advice actually being given.

The questionnaire is intentionally brief but meant to flag up some of the more important risk management issues which will mostly come up later on as the transaction progresses.  Once completed by the client the questionnaire can be kept in an easily accessed part of a paper or electronic file and serve as a quick reference as the transaction proceeds.  There is also a short list of issues at the end of the document, intended for solicitors to be able to use as an aide memoire should they choose to do so.

Please note that once the form has been completed by the client, he or she should print and send the form to the firm by post, rather than via email.