As more firms merge, and solicitors increasingly move between practices, conflicts of interest become increasingly likely, and yet increasingly difficult to identifty.  Identifying conflicts of interest has also been made more difficult, particularly for corporate practices, as the corporate structures of many clients becomes increasingly labarynthine and opaque

Having an effective conflict check system in place is both a regulatory requirement and a practical necessity - to avoid unnecessary claims and client dissatisfaction.

High profile conflict of interest cases continue to appear in the legal press at regular intervals.

How Lockton can help

Our new guidance provides practical information and tips on:

  • how to structure and what to include in your conflicts database
  • how to ensure your conflict check system is effective
  • when to conduct conflict checks
  • setting up an 'information barrier'


In house training

For systems to be truly effective, your staff need to understand and buy-into them. Our guidance therefore includes annotated case-studies for use in any in-house training sessions you wish to conduct.

You may also find lexis nexis guidance notes on confidentiality vs disclosure a useful resource.

Contact us for more information on this or other risk management questions you may have.